Lay back on the sun loungers and soak up the sun or dip your feet in the water and sip on a fruity cocktail. Endless choices, all equally exhilarating! A tree stands proud by the pool deck, waving the rest from the villa’s garden at the main entrance. Its silvery leaves reflect the light and complete the dream! 
The pool area of Tramonto Private Villa is definitely a centerpiece of your stay. 
The swimming pool urges you to dive right in, while the modern outdoor furniture offers a unique experience in absolute comfort. Choose to have breakfast by the pool, bathed by the Greek sunshine and inspired by the scenery. 
Or head for the sun beds holding a tall glass of orange juice or iced cold coffee. Grab a book or listen to music, or just relax and indulge in the most splendid ambiance. And at night, lanterns with candles create the most romantic setting.

Monolithos, 84700, Santorini,
T. +330 22860 24780 & +30 22860 36900
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