Monolithos is a picturesque village on the island of Santorini. It has taken its name from the distinctive rock by the beach that bears the same name. Fine black sand and transparent waters compose an idyllic setting for diving and relaxing with a view to the Aegean Sea. The villa is located away from the crowds and noise of the central Fira, but still maintains its privileged accessibility to sights and attractions all around the island. 

Santorini Airport is very close to the villa, a little over a mile’s distance from Monolithos. So travelers flying to and from Santorini will find it extremely convenient transportation-wise. The port is not far, either. A distance of five kilometers separates it from the villa, which offers care-free access to travelers via ferry as well. Finally, there is a bus stop in less than 5 minutes connecting you with the rest of the island. 

Whether you are interested in exploring the vibrant nightlife of the capital or visiting the most famous landmarks of Santorini, Tramonto Private Villa offers a great accommodation option. And above all, this is the place where you may combine easy and uninterrupted connectivity with pure relaxation and privacy.

Monolithos, 84700, Santorini,
T. +330 22860 24780 & +30 22860 36900
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