The island is filled with treasures from the historic past, in the perfect fusion with contemporary additions and touches of luxury and style everywhere. Tradition is evident in the local architecture, with the cave-like houses, the all-white buildings and blue domed churches. A great civilization has flourished on the island in antiquity, leaving its traces up to our time. So a visit to Akrotiri site and the Archaeological Museum brings you closer to the glorious past. 

The coastline in Santorini is purely amazing, with unique beaches shaped after continuous volcanic eruptions. Discover the Red Beach with the scarlet red sand and bloody-looking rocks, the White Beach and the Black Beach. Monolithos is another amazing beach, located just a stone’s throw from Tramonto Private Villa and offering a quiet retreat for enjoying the waters and the magical scenery. 

Local gastronomy is another reason to visit Santorini. Have a taste of its culinary treasures, made with care in combination with traditional Theran produce. The famous cherry tomatoes from Santorini, fava and caper are just few of these gastronomic wonders. And a special note should be made to the wine. Oh the wine! With vineyards older than time and with the art of viticulture dating back to antiquity, winemaking creates some of the most delicious wine varieties in the entire world.
Santorini, a place where dreams come alive and each sunset is even more idyllic than the previous ones. An island where magic unfolds and experiences are unique, special and cherished for a lifetime!

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